babyfonics genius™ is different than any other reading program:

We believe the key to reading is for babies and toddlers to learn their letterSOUNDS first. Not the ABCs.

We believe literacy begins when your child is a baby. If your baby can identify a cat, a ball or a dog, they’re ready to begin learning to read. But it doesn’t start with the ABC’s. Instead of teaching the names of the letters, babyfonics genius helps babies and toddlers learn lettersounds- the first major step to learning to read.

But babies are too young to learn to read!

Some may argue that it is too difficult to teach a baby their lettersounds. However, parents teach their babies the ABCs with ABC books, TV shows, puzzles, games, and the alphabet song. What’s the difference? By replacing those old ABC names with each letter’s sound, you’re actually helping your child learn to read.

How is that helping them learn to read? They’ll need to know their ABCs in kindergarten!

Teaching your child the letter names (the ABCs) and then asking them to read a word is the single most confusing concept for kindergarteners to grasp because now they have to unlearn the letter names and relearn the letters now as sounds. A difficult and confusing task for any kid. By keeping the reading process simple with lettersounds first, children will naturally begin to read. After they know how to read, they can learn their ABCs, and trust me, it will take them a few days max to memorize.

So ask yourself, “Would I rather my child enter kindergarten knowing how to recite their ABCs- or knowing how to read?”

Use babyfonics genius and help your child learn to read.

Happy Reading!